[Review]  Apple Watch on the launch day. Why the white? Why the Cheap?

1. It just works!

I was surprised that Apple changed their mind and sent me an Apple Watch today instead of the expected June delivery. An SMS notification brought me the good news yesterday and the watch arrived today around 10:00. I literally unboxed it and put it on my wrist and rush to the bus stop. It just works!


2. SIRI-ous

I posted a few pictures of the unboxing on my Facebook, and i found that I am already getting notification and SMS about it. So where’s the keyboard!? SIRI is your only choice. When you tap reply, it give you a few default options with emoji and dictation. The default replies are “Ok”, “Yes”, “No”, “Call me later.”, etc. For those who think the default reply doesn’t encompass our language, it is clear that you are arguing emoji is kill the skill of painting. Anyway, dictation work, i suppose, better than what i thought. For all the message i have send so far, i just have to re-speak one of them. I only gave English a try, yet for Cantonese, Chinese and Japanese, I suppose they work the same. Bottomline, you can just dictation what you have to send.


3. Why the white?

I didn’t pre-order the Apple Watch on day one, instead took advantage and manage to get a session of try-on on day 3. I thought I was going to get black aluminium large size. The session make me understand 2 things:

  • Small size looks equally good compare to the large size in my case.
  • Leather strip is irresistible, but the price is not one that I wish to pay.
  • White look better with the leather strip I like.

The Apple employee show me the leather with white and black watch. To me the white one works better with the leather colour I like. The conclusion to this is, get the white aluminium and a third-party leather strip <3.

4. Why the cheap?

Obvious I can’t afford the gold watch, so it comes down to stainless steel and aluminium. As an iPhone Developer (now watch as well), it is always good to learn the new tech. However, the Apple Watch is at it first generation. The past experience of Mac and iPhone show that it is not wise to get the more expensive version for the first generation. Macbook Pro Retina is the completed product, so as the iPhone 4. An Apple Watch will worth the price if the technology is stable. All in all, the cheapest on for the first gen is a logical choice for a developer like myself.

5. Best features

To me it is all about integration, I believe in both integration and customisation. But you don’t build your own car, you buy one and drive, it should just work. Apple Watch just works, perhaps using iPhone, Mac OS X and Apple Watch is the reason. Best feature is integration and the health data collection. It works with the Health Apps and later on with Research Kit. That’s something that I want to develop on. It remind you to move a bit if you are at you seat for too long.

IMG_5595 2IMG_5591IMG_5593

6. Boxing pictures

I know, I know, here you go:

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IMG_5594IMG_5595 2

At last, the above is just one-man opinion

 Thank you for reading ❤

[Media] Using VLC to Convert multiple files on OS X

One of my project requires multiple wav file to be converted to mp3. This is how it was done using command line with VLC on OS X. Change the path to the directory which contains the files.

for file in /path/to/files*.wav; do /Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC -I dummy "$file" --sout="#transcode{acodec=mp3,vcodec=dummy}:standard{access=file,mux=raw,dst=\"$(echo "$file" | sed 's/\.[^\.]*$/.mp3/')\"}" vlc://quit; done

The original command (see reference) works on mp4 to mp3, and it work on wav as well by changing the *.mp4 to *.wav.

Happy converting.

[Reference: https://khom.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/convert-mp4-and-flv-video-to-mp3-with-vlc/%5D

Jamie’s Garden


A supermarket near my home is working with Jamie Oliver to promote health food. This is one of the product that cost 8 AUD and a lot of fun. There are 4 packs of seed and we planted chives for the first round. I thought the best way to show is through pictures, lots of:
Jame's Garden

Jame's Garden

Jame's Garden

Jame's Garden





garden cress

garden cress



Jamie's Garden


Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Jamie's Garden

Good work todo list

Self-motivate is part of the time management skill. Here’s a list of things I plan to do daily to achieve my goal:


  1. Collect articles for the reading list
  2. Read five articles
  3. Read a few pages of novel


  1. Academic writing
  2. Develop the prototype for my research
  3. Work on an app
  4. Work on a project
  5. Blogging


  1. Eight glasses of water
  2. Two sets of Sit-ups


  1. Yoga/Meditation
  2. Write the dream of previous night (lucid dream training)


  1. Be good to people
  2. Be good to parents

Little Start up for WordPress :)

As a Blog the main focus should be the Add/Edit Blogs,
you will mostly find youself in your dashboard in WordPress from start.


  • Look for “Posts” on the left side, click on it and click on “Add New”
  • You will find yourself with a basic editor, just type in something to try it out 🙂
  • After you type in something to try, search for the Publish control panel on the right side:

    here you can save, preview and publish
  • It should look something like this after you click on View Post on the top of the Editing panel:

Hyper Link your Blog:

  • So do the same thing and add another post to try out the linking function:

    here you highlight the words/image you want to link
    it will bring you to another panelLink URL: put you permalink address that you want to link to, eg:

    Target: setting of open in new windowsor same
    Title: words that is being display when mouse over
    Class: setting of the alignment of the pic
    Confirm it after you enter the detail.
  • The link is set along as you see something alike:


  • To upload the images click on the first icon of the tools:
  • Add image panel will be shown:
  • Selecte the image you want to upload, you can press shift to high a row or control(command for mac) to select one by one:
  • The progress will be shown also 🙂
  • To add and image select “Media Library”:
  • Click “show” to view detail:
  • You will see the detail and yes the button “insert”  :
  • 🙂 not much explanation needed here 🙂