Fallout 4 Let’s play

Fallout 4 | Slowpace Longplay | No Commentary | LP by Mark0

I started this let’s play series the features:

  • no commentary
  • slowpace
  • longplay

Why? Cos most of the let’s play nowadays swings the guns and rushes to the ending. Some of the in game detail like the poster on the wall, the design of the landscape and the dynamic of NPC are never explored. Playing it slow, longer video (1h+) and no commentary allow the views to have the most immersive experience.

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Special thanks:

Bubblehead photo by Luke Hayfield from https://goo.gl/o9eV0x is licensed by CC

Rabbit Icons made by Freepik from http://www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC BY 3.0

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