[Latex] Remove “Cited by” from bib


Sometimes .bib generated contains useless contents which make their way to your references, see Figure 1. you cloud have 10 or 300 citations depend on the article that you are working on. Here how to clean it up in a few key strokes.



Figure 1, some .bib generated include “cite by …”




Make a copy of your .bib file. Get sublime -> use replace function -> enable regular express as shown in Figure 2. – > use regular express:

.* \{cited by.*

.* means to match anything, so this regular express match anything before an after “{cited by”.

Replace it with nothing.

  • You can search to see if the replacing is what you expected before actually hitting the replace button. See Figure 2.


Make good use of Sublime


Figure 2, enable, use regular expression search in Sublime 2


Figure 3 shown the result. Just do the compilation normally and it is all cleanup.



Figure 3, cleaned up 🙂


Other thoughts

  • alternatively, a shell script can be written to do the something, but sublime works on Linux, OS X and Windows.
  • this trick can be used for other unwanted content in .bib or even for other type of file.
  • remember  to make a copy of the original file before you make the changes.


[Media] Using VLC to Convert multiple files on OS X

One of my project requires multiple wav file to be converted to mp3. This is how it was done using command line with VLC on OS X. Change the path to the directory which contains the files.

for file in /path/to/files*.wav; do /Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC -I dummy "$file" --sout="#transcode{acodec=mp3,vcodec=dummy}:standard{access=file,mux=raw,dst=\"$(echo "$file" | sed 's/\.[^\.]*$/.mp3/')\"}" vlc://quit; done

The original command (see reference) works on mp4 to mp3, and it work on wav as well by changing the *.mp4 to *.wav.

Happy converting.

[Reference: https://khom.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/convert-mp4-and-flv-video-to-mp3-with-vlc/%5D